About Us

Founded in 2021 Ethereum Tokens Market is a private Trading and Exchange platform presented by Project Gray Wallstreet. The Ethereum Token Market collective goal is to create a private group of holders of specific cryptocurrencies. Our overall goal is to create a “Whale Herd” of Crypto currency investors with the power to move the cryptomarkets collectively.

Investment Strategy = Wealth

Ethereum Tokens Market constructs cutting edge investment pools with a built in rewards system so that from holding certain tokens and coins you earn dividends just for holding. Earn from 2-6{053d0b0f5b142c55eacc84f518e2d8a26594e107048ea8aebaa00da6157d06a5} on specific investments per transaction that occurs on the blockchain.

Project Gray Wallstreet: The Making of the Whale Herd

Ethereum Tokens Market allows private investment groups and collectives to join forces by creating investment holding pools so that a group can invest in cryptocurrencies of choice and purchase enough of a Coin or Token to give their group a 5-10{053d0b0f5b142c55eacc84f518e2d8a26594e107048ea8aebaa00da6157d06a5} control of a token or coin. For example, a new promising token has an ICO at $0.0000000000456 with a total of 1 trillion tokens issued, to become a whale our collective would need to purchase 100 billion of this token to give collective 10{053d0b0f5b142c55eacc84f518e2d8a26594e107048ea8aebaa00da6157d06a5} control of the token.


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