Merchant Banking For Cryptocurrency

Save Thousands on Credit Card Processing fees and eliminate Chargeback Fraud.

Fast and Easy Payment Settlement

Built in Auto Settlement so you can cash out to your Bitpay Mastercard or Coinbase Visa even Paypal!

Create Your ETM DEFI Merchants Account Today

Create your ETM Merchant Account and take control of your businesses financial freedom. Fast and Easy Set up, Simple Management, Secure Payment Processing

Decentralized Merchant Banking That Makes Cents!

Your business sales profits shouldnt have to be shared, You shouldnt have to give up 2-3% of every sale you make.

Tired of loosing chargeback disputes and you dont even know whos making the decision that you should be short the money ( and maybe even the product) end of story.

ETM Defi Merchant Banking puts you in the driver seat from point of sale, to payment processing to checkout! ETM Defi banking even helps you create your own custom cryptocurrency or NFT rewards program for your store.